The Committee is elected at the AGM which is normally held at the end of January each year. The Committee comprises those officers named below apart from Webmaster which is a non-executive post. In addition, under NVS accounting rules, DAs are required to elect an official auditor.  Our existing auditor, Mr Blackmore of Hessle, was re-elected for the coming year. Two DA representatives also sit on the committee of NVS Northern Branch which meets usually four times a year.

Our Committee meetings are generally held as and when required, rather than on regular or fixed dates.

Chair/Events Secretary/Branch Rep : Keith Abel FNVS, Tel: 01964 552307, Email:

Vice Chair/Webmaster/Simply Veg Corres : Paul Neve FNVS, Tel: 01482 633639, Email:

General Secretary : Trevor Barningham FNVS, Tel: 01482 633409, Email:

Treasurer : Sue Rowe FNVS, Tel: 01482 643650, Email:

Show Secretary : Yvonne Stone FNVS, Tel: 01964 626444, Email: 

Committee Member/Branch Rep : Janet Abel FNVS, Tel: 01964 552307

Committee Member : Shirley Coates FNVS, Tel: 01964 527649

Committee Member : Peter Medley FNVS, Tel: 01482 658587, Email:

Committee Member : Brian Potter FNVS, Tel: 01723 862971

Committee Member : Andrew Brett, Email:

Committee Member : John Smits, Tel: 01482 666462, Email:

Committee Member : Tony Featherstone FNVS, Tel: 01482 631110, Email:

Committee Member : Anne Augustyns, Tel: 07963039227, Email:

Committee Member : Peter Lax, Tel: 01652 618016, Email:

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