EYDA Show Results 2016









The Basket of Vegetables Class judged on three factors - quality, range of produce used and display presentation.











The Tap Root Class - a selection of three to be chosen from beetroot, parsnip, stump-rooted and long-pointed carrot.













The winning Collection of Five Vegetables.














The winning Dish of Two Blanch Leeks

The leek on the right also won Best Leek in Show.














Aristocrat (a variety of Hative de Niort) - the favoured type of exhibition Shallot.












The same variety can also be grown successfully for the Pickling Shallot class.










This dish of Winston won the best Dish of Potatoes.












Maxine, Amour and Winston made up this winning dish of Three plates of Five Potatoes.











Coletta and Tyson have hosted our Show for a number of years within an indoor area of their Garden Centre.









The 1 Flower and 1 Vegetable Class is very popular and attracted 13 entries this year. 









The winning exhibit in the 1 Flower and 1 Vegetable Class featured a rose and a parsnip.











Our Information Stand is designed to attract new members and potential exhibitors or even to encourage new audience members to our monthly meetings held at the Conservative Club in nearby Beverley.










John Wharton's winning entry in the Three Onions Class won the Bronze Onion award as well as the NVS medal for most meritorius vegetable exhibit in the whole Show.










Trophy Winners 2016




Bronze Onion - 3 Dressed Onions - John Wharton

East Yorkshire Plaque - Collection 5 Kinds of 1 Vegetable - John Smiles

Naturalist Cup - Collection 3 Kinds of 2 Vegetables - Trevor Legg

Robinson Cup -  3 Dishes of Five Potatoes - Trevor Legg

NVS Plaque - 1 Dish of Blanch Leeks - Keith Abel

E Turpin Memorial Cup - 1 Dish of Carrots - stump-rooted - Trevor Legg

Adrian Hill Shield - 1 Dish of 250-1000g Onions - Fred Husband

George Hardy Shield - 1 Dish of Long Carrots - John Smiles

Howard Coates Shield - 1 Dish of Beetroot - Colin Maughan

Stoneledge Cup - Tap Root Collection - Keith Houseman

Denver Trophy - 1 Dish of Marrows - Mr/Mrs D Peel

Hood Cup - 1 Flower and 1 Vegetable - John Smiles

NVS Shield - Arrangement of 1 Vase of Flowers and 3 Dishes of Vegetables - Trevor Legg

Novice Trophy - Collection 3 Kinds of Vegetables - Michael Smith

Frank North Trophy - Most Points in Local Classes - Michael Smith

Steradent Sword - Best Dish of Potatoes - Trevor Legg

EYDA Cup - Most Points in All Classes - Trevor Legg

June Taylor Cup - Best Dish in Classes 27-32 - M Hunt

Pot Leek Trophy - 1 Dish of Leeks - M Hunt

Hewson Trophy - Most Points in Flower Classes - Trevor Legg

NVS Trophy - Best Basket of Vegetables - Fred Husband

NVS Silver Medal - Most Meritorious Exhibit in Show - John Wharton

Wareing Trophy - Best Leek in Show - Keith Abel


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