EYDA Show Results 2017







A superb trio of globe beetroot - smooth-skinned - a single tap root and tennis ball-sized. Variety PABLO











Potatoes should be fresh in condition and uniform in size.  The winning entry was freshly washed and did not show any discoloration through having been exhibited at previous Shows.  Variety AMOUR












From the same grower as above.  These potatoes also won the Steradent Sword Trophy for Best Dish of Potatoes.  Variety WINSTON












From the same grower as above - two plates of four potatoes.  The Peels' potatoes are hard to beat! Varieties WINSTON and AMOUR

















Matching long carrots for shape and size is very difficult unless you have plenty to choose from!  Variety NEW RED INTERMEDIATE but a special selection thereof
















Stump-rooted carrots should have a definite and defined round stump to the body where the tap root begins. Variety not stated but almost certainly SWEET CANDLE








This Class calls for three onions each to exceed 250g but less than 1kg and provides an opportunity for those exhibitors who grow onions outside, without the protection afforded by a polytunnel, or for those exhibitors whose 250g onions have grown oversize!  Ideally they should be as close to 1kg as possible but degree of ripening and skin condition, especially at this time of year, are paramount factors.  Variety not stated







This year, the NVS Plaque was awarded to the winner of the Five Onions 250g or less. Variety HYTECH








We also have a number of flower classes including Gladioli and Roses.........








..........and some impressive vases of mixed cut flowers









We have a series of  Novice Classes which are designed to try and attract newcomers to the world of showing vegetables









A vegetable collection should aim to include all 20 point vegetables as far as possible in order to maximise the score and chances of winning. This exhibit includes a pea which, although late for the time of year, was fresh and in excellent condition with no sign of the dreaded mildew.









The winning collection of Three vegetables, Two of each of each kind.  Celery, Peas and Leeks are all 20 point vegetables. The right hand leek also won the Best Leek in Show Trophy










Also entered in the same Class was this exhibit containing Potatoes, Runner Beans and Sweet Corn.  The beans were young and fresh but only carry a maximum score of 18.  The sweet corn were quite nice too but also only carry a maximum score of 18.














The One Flower, One Vegetable Class where each component is judged out of 15 points. The normal Vegetable Collection rules of Cucumber 18 points and Stump Carrot 18 points do not apply and each vegetable (and flower) is mentally assessed in terms of percentage excellence against its notional perfection qualities.
















Trophy Winners 2017

Bronze Onion - 3 Dressed Onions - Keith Abel

East Yorkshire Plaque - Collection 5 Kinds of 1 Vegetable - John Smiles

Naturalist Cup - Collection 3 Kinds of 2 Vegetables - Keith Abel

Robinson Cup - 2 Dishes of Four Potatoes - Mr & Mrs D Peel

NVS Plaque - 1 Dish of 250g Onions - John Smiles

E Turpin Memorial Cup - 1 Dish of Carrots - stump-rooted - Keith Houseman

Adrian Hill Shield - 1 Dish of 250-1000g Onions - Colin Maughan

George Hardy Shield - 1 Dish of Long Carrots - Keith Houseman

Howard Coates Shield - 1 Dish of Beetroot - Keith Chambers

Stoneledge Cup - Tap Root Collection - Keith Houseman

Denver Trophy - 1 Dish of Marrows - Colin Maughan

Hood Cup - 1 Flower and 1 Vegetable - Mr & Mrs D Peel

NVS Shield - Arrangement of 1 Vase of Flowers and 3 Dishes of Vegetables - Janet Abel

Novice Trophy - Collection 3 Kinds of Vegetables - Graham Clements-Turner

Frank North Trophy - Most Points in Local Classes - Michael Smith

Steradent Sword - Best Dish of Potatoes - Mr & Mrs D Peel

EYDA Cup - Most Points in All Classes - Mr & Mrs D Peel

June Taylor Cup - Best Dish in Classes 27-32 - Peter Lax

Leek Trophy - 1 Dish of Leeks - Ken Houseman

Hewson Trophy - Most Points in Flower Classes - Mr & Mrs D Peel

NVS Trophy - Best Leek in Show - Keith Abel

NVS Silver Medal - Most Meritorious Vegetable Exhibit in Show - Keith Chambers

Wareing Trophy - Best Basket of Vegetables - Peter Lax

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