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The Committee has planned a full programme of events up to January 2018. (See Programme 2017/18)

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What's Happening ?     Last Updated: Tuesday 21st March 2017

On Monday 23rd February 2017 more than 35 people attended John Robinson's talk about his early life in the world of professional horticulture. John told us that he was persuaded to enter the world of horticulture by his father Dick who was also a well-known local horticulturalist. Dick Robinson also donated the Robinson Cup to EYDA when it was first formed back in the 1970s.  John spent some 18 years learning and honing his horticultural skills starting as an apprentice lad with local nurseries and moving on to Hull Corporation and the Parks Department.  At the age of 20, he went off to Merrist Wood Horticultural College in Surrey to learn arboriculture.  After completing his studies there he got a job in Lancashire with a garden centre which lasted only a few weeks whilst the owner went on holiday.  He then spent some time back home driving tractors before landing an instructor's job at Waltham Forest College where he stayed for some nine years.  An informative and amusing talk which was full of personal anecdotes and local knowledge which appealed greatly to our audience.  At the end of the talk, we were asked to guess the purpose of a number of gardening implements which John had collected or inherited over the years.

John is one of our local members who has recently retired from his second career as a railway signalman which might possibly form the subject of another amusing and informative talk on a future occasion.

The latest edition of Simply Vegetables has recently arrived through my door.  Two items of note are 1 - the new NVS Judges and Exhibitor Guide which has a target publication date of May 2017, and 2 - a list of popular exhibition varieties for various types of vegetable collated by Southern Branch's Barry Newman from major NVS and RHS Show results in 2016.  I have added this list to the front of our Growing For Showing website page as it should prove useful to new, existing and potential exhibitors alike.

I have updated Local Shows 2016/17 page as far as I am able. Please note that Hessle & District Gardeners' Association now has its own website.  If anyone wishes their Show dates to be advertised on this website page then please contact me in person, through the webmaster email link shown on the Home Page, the Guestbook link,  phone, or even drop me an old-fashioned note through the post.  Humberside Chrysanthemum Club is a useful link for listing many shows, especially those held towards the end of the season. 

Those of you on Facebook will no doubt be familiar with Giantveg blog postings. They have produced a number of instructional video clips and you can access them all via their website here. They may also be able to supply seeds for purchase.

NVS membership renewal is now due for the coming year ending 31st December 2017.  The easiest way to do this is online via the front page of the NVS website.  The joining/renewal tab is located at the top right corner of this page.  Click on this tab to open the link.  I find paying via Paypal to be the easiest option as it takes mere seconds to complete, but you can also download and print off the renewal form, complete and return it with your cheque via post if you wish.

For those of you who like the idea of fitting empty shotgun cartridges to the ends of their garden canes (as shown in Tony Featherstone's garden photo in Growing Hints) then you might wish to obtain some via Paul Atkinson whose email address can be found in his comment in Guestbook.

Our Secretary, Trevor Barningham, is still collecting the bar code labels from any Taylors of Harrogate product cartons that you may have finished with.  They are worth money to Trevor who can redeem them to support a wheelchair charity that he is raising funds for. So please bring any old tea cartons bearing the bar code section along to Trevor at future meetings, if you can please. 

We have received a request from a student who is completing a dissertation and needs your input regarding your experience with plant labels.  You can find out all about it here.

Our next meeting will be held at the Conservative Club, Beverley on Monday 27th March commencing 7.30pm when Peter Williams will present  'Wonderful Weeds'

If you need a motorised rotovator then Keith Abel knows of one for sale with an asking price of about £100.

I have just come across this link to Growguides which readers may consider to be of interest.

Lance, our new Newsletter Editor, has just issued the Spring newsletter via email and post, as appropriate.

Although collecting rubbish and recyclable materials are considered to be statutuory services, the collection of green waste is not.  According to Garden News, some 44% of local Councils across the UK already charge for collection of green waste with charges averaging £20-£50 per household per annum.  It is feared that, faced with further budgetary constraints, all Councils may be forced to levy a green waste collection charge within the next five years.  Should this come to pass locally, those of you with compost bins, at home or on the allotment, will obviously benefit in being able to recycle most of your green waste materials for free.

The Plant Sale held on Sunday 19th March at Driffield Showground raised more than £200 towards our funds.  The weather was quite poor and public attendance was undoubtedly affected. However, many thanks to all those who donated, attended or bought plants.  It would appear that the format of the whole event is evolving and, consequently, the Committee will now consider whether NVSEYDA should continue to participate in 2018, or pursue an alternative strategy.

Please note that we are still awaiting confirmation from Cherry Lane Garden Centre that we can house our October Show on their premises.  It looks promising but we have not received final confirmation yet.


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