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The Committee has planned a full programme of events up to February 2019. (See Programme 2018-19)

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What's Happening ?     Last Updated: Tuesday 18th September 2018



I have updated the Programme 2018-19 page to include the events planned for 2018.  Dates and timings for a few of the events are indicative only and subject to confirmation in due course. However, the annual Show date and venue have now been confirmed as Sunday 30th September 2018 at Cherry Lane Garden Centre, Beverley. Details of our 2018 Show can be seen here.

I have archived all events from 2013 through 2017 in a new page hereIn future, Less Hot News will only cover those events held earlier in the current year (2018) I have also created a new page called Picture Gallery which will feature photos of general interest.

NVS has just launched a 76 page new booklet entitled Getting Started Growing Cut Flowers covering Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Roses, Carnations and Pinks, Sweet Peas, Annuals, Perennials and Biennials, Bulbs and Shrub. Further details from here.  Keith Abel has a few copies for sale.


What you are wondering in September

What happened to summer

What varieties did well for me this year and which didn't ?

Will I have anything to stage at the DA Show at the end of the month ?


The second edition of the NVS Judges and Exhibitors Guide is now available to purchase.  It is in loose-leaf format and enclosed in a small ringbinder.  If you already possess a copy of the spiral wire-bound first edition, you can exchange it for the updated version for free, as I did with mine at Harrogate Show.


I have updated Local Shows 2017/18 page as far as I am able. I have added 2018 dates for key events, where they are known, but if anyone wishes their Show dates to be advertised on this website page then please contact me in person, through the webmaster email link shown on the Home Page, the Guestbook link,  phone, or even drop me an old-fashioned note through the post.  Humberside Chrysanthemum Club is normally a very useful link for listing many shows, especially those held towards the end of the season, but, unfortunately, it does not appear to have been updated since 2016 and their Facebook page is also not responding to my questions.


Those of you on Facebook will no doubt be familiar with Giantveg blog postings. They have produced a number of instructional video clips and you can access them all via their website here. They may also be able to supply seeds for purchase. 

There is also a new Facebook Group Show Vegetables and Flowers for the Dedicated Exhibitor which has been set up for serious vegetable and flower exhibitors. 

Advice on growing seed potatoes courtesy of JBA Seed Potatoes can be seen here.

For those of you interested in finding out more about chrysanthemums this book from Ivor Mace may be of interest to you.

Wyevale Garden Centres have sent me details of how to create and print off your own growing calendar for the specific fruit, vegetables and herbs that you wish to grow using a tool that they have developed. More details from here.


Morrisons the supermarket is giving away used coffee grounds from its cafes. You can read all about it hereAccording to Geoff Wilson's presentation, coffee spray is effective against whitefly, caterpillars, slugs and snails.

Ashridge Nurseries is offering a 10% discount to orders made online.  Just key in HORT10 at the checkout stage.

There are a number of organisations, including Marshalls, DT Brown and Dobies, which offer discount to NVS members. Full details from here.


About twenty people attended Pocklington Allotments on the evening of Monday 30th July.  Despite the heavy rain showers which appeared just after we got there, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and tea in the Cricket Pavilion afterwards.  This is a large allotment site which originally comprised 100 allotments but, as time has gone on, population growth and allotment demand have combined to reduce the individual plot size available to new tenants. New plots are now only one quarter of their original area and only three or four long-term tenants now retain full plots.  Hosepipes are not allowed but each plot holder is provided with a 1000L water butt and encouraged to store and recycle rainwater from their greenhouse and/or shed rooves.  As shown in the home page photograph, the soil is very stony but seems to be very light and supports lots of different crops.  Pigeons are a particular problem, it seems, and all brassicas have to be grown under protective covers in order to survive.  I have added a few new photos to the Pocklington section of the Allotments Page. Pocklington Allotments hold their own produce Show and best Plot competition each August and a few of their members are well-known exhibitors on the local Show scene.  All in all, an interesting visit and we thank them again for their hospitality.


Please note that the Conservative Club car park entrance barrier has been reactivated and now requires £4 (not £3) in appropriate coinage to allow entrance.  The car park ticket can be redeemed against puchases at the bar and any change due is refunded in cash.  I noticed that the barrier was raised for our May meeting but it is unclear whether this is to be a permanent arrangement for all our future meetings

Our next meeting will be held on Monday 24th September at the Conservative Club, Beverley, commencing 7.30pm, when we welcome Peter Booker and Mike Graves who will give us a talk on Pinks and Carnations. THERE WILL BE A SHORT COMMITTEE MEETING HELD AFTER THIS EVENT TO DISCUSS  ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE ANNUAL SHOW.


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