Useful Links - Organic

The following pages provide links to other sites that may be of interest to the gardener, exhibitor or specialist grower alike.  Right click on a link to open in a new window.  Please note that no specific endorsement of products or services is either made or inferred.

Valerie's Veggies and Plants

Hardy garden and herb plants - organically grown.

Jekka's Herb Farm
Supplier of culinary and medicinal herbs

Totum Grow

Organic cell activator

The Recycle Works

Range of home-composting equipment

The Organic Gardening Catalogue

Products for organic and environmentally friendly gardeners

The Nutrient Company

Organic gardening supplies

Tamar Organics

Seed and organic garden supplies

Soil Association

Organic Plants
Organic plants and vegetables


Produces seaweed extracts

Growth Technology
Produces a range of environmentally-friendly products

Growing Success
Produces a range of garden-safe chemicals

Green Gardener
Specialises in the natural Biological Control of pests

Gardening Naturally

Provides gardening solutions and alternatives to enable you to grow fruit and vegetables without the use of pesticides

Garden Organic

HDRA, the national charity for organic growing

Even Greener
Produces environmental products designed to help you go greener.

Chase Organics
Produce seaweed and organic extracts

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