Useful Links - Pest Control/Fertilisers

The following pages provide links to other sites that may be of interest to the gardener, exhibitor or specialist grower alike.   Right click on a link to open in a new window.  Please note that no specific endorsement of products or services is either made or inferred.



Pesticides for Home gardeners

Fungicides for Home gardeners


Please note that Armillatox is still available via Amazon as a 'soap -based outdoor cleaner' but it is very expensive at £80 per 5L container.


Westland Horticulture


Slug Bell

"The world's safest and best slug control device" - allegedly

Remin(Scotland) Ltd

Supplier of volcanic rock dust

Produces a range of fertilisers

A leading manufacturer of seaweed extracts in the world

Love The Garden


Gro-well Direct

Supplies a wide range of products


Buzz Organics

Offers a range of biological pest solutions

Bayer Garden

Produces a range of garden chemicals

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